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The Internet is the First Priority for ConsumersWhile it’s important that your website looks impressive and suits your business image, don’t forget  its key role is to attract people to your site and convert them into customers.  That means its performance has to be spot on!

Proven Impact are SEO Website Designers who will make sure your website is easily found.  We see your website as the “pinnacle” of your marketing campaign, which is why we offer a complete SEO package that includes:

  • Impressive design that promotes you in the right image.
  • Outstanding performance on Google Search Results Pages (SERPs).
  • Concise content (wording and graphics) that conveys a clear message.
  • Website design automatically scales to fit Smartphone and Tablet screens.

SEO Website Design delivers more customers.

At Proven Impact we understand the importance of an impressive website design without compromising on its marketing ability.

As Internet Marketing Specialists it’s our job to make sure your website is “people friendly” as well as “search engine friendly”.  You only have a short time to convey your message before the opportunity is lost!

For this reason we place equal value on all of the critical elements necessary to make a website successful, and list them in their natural order:

Ranking>      To be easily found its SEO performance must be spot on.
Design>         Impressive and promote the right business image.
Navigation>  Easy for people to understand, with no risk of confusion.
Content>       Wording must be clear and concise with supporting graphics that convey a clear message.
Marketing>   A website like this will provide ongoing marketing, making it an excellent Return on Investment (ROI).

Successful online marketing

A website built by a professional Internet Marketer can be relied upon to provide ongoing marketing, without needing to continually inject more funds.
If you underestimate the importance of this, you’re missing out big time!

Internet Marketing GrowthWebsite themes in HTML or WordPress CMS

Both types of websites can be used by a designer to create a theme which markets your business in its best light. Whether you choose HTML or WordPress CMS, it’s important that every page of your site has a consistent design theme. This helps to make your site “people friendly” so there is less risk of losing them.

  • This way people will identify with your image.
  • Recognise all of the pages on your website.
  • Stay on your site, as long as the content is interesting.
  • Makes it easier to add new pages to cater for future growth.

HTML websites

  • HTML sites can work out to be less expensive for smaller websites (maximum 7 pages).
  • Don’t need monthly software updates.
  • Mainly used for small shops, tradespeople and professionals.

CMS websites

  • Content Management Systems (CMS) prove to be very cost effective for larger websites that need constant updating.
  • Give the owner control and freedom to administer their own content to make the most of their site.
  • Provide additional Website Security.

WordPress CMS

  • We use the WordPress CMS because it’s one of the most popular CMS systems available.
  • Its flexibility and “user friendly” system makes it one of the most reliable systems around.
  • We can train you on how to use it to maximise your benefits.

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