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Website Heath Check

Not all websites are created equal!  The first step to achieving a successful website is to make sure that the person building your site will include all of the critical elements of good Internet Marketing strategies.

Check for yourself

By doing the following website marketing checks, you will see for yourself how well your website performs on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

  • You will discover whether the people who need your business can find your website.
  • What people see when they find your listings on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Checking traffic to your website

The best way to check traffic is by using a web analytics system which has been set up to monitor traffic to your website.

However as most people don’t have this feature set up, you can use the Alexa Ranking Tool instead, which should give a ranking number to show your ranking in the world.  The lower your Alexa Traffic Rank, the better, for example the most popular sites in the world are below 100.

You can even compare your website’s ranking with your competitors!  If you’re way behind them, you really need help from a professional Internet Marketer to get you back on track.  Please contact us for more information.

Using the Alexa Ranking Tool

  • Click on and enter your web address in the search field.
  • If  Alexa finds your website, click the “Get Details” box to get all of the information.
  • Alexa provides a Statistics Summary as well as Traffic Stats, Search Analytics, Audience, Contact Information, Reviews, Related Links and Clickstream, as long as there is enough traffic to your site.
  • First, read the Alexa Statistics Summary.  If it doesn’t show how many of your pages are being viewed per day, it’s probably not being calculated because you’re not getting enough traffic.
  • If the Statistics Summary does show this information, you may have to click “Show More” to see the entire summary.
  • If the Alexa Traffic Rank says “No Data” it may mean that it’s hidden from Alexa by website coding.

“Is Google indexing my site?”  The big question!

  • This can be checked by entering “site: and your Domain name” (no spaces in between), into the Google search field.  For example, to check our site you would enter
  • Google will list all of the pages that it’s indexing in SERPs for the site you’re checking.
  • If it doesn’t list all your pages, you’re missing out big time!  There are several reasons why this may occur and you would greatly benefit from getting help from a professional.

Checking is a complicated process

While every business should know how they are listed on SERPs and what their listings say, we understand that it’s complicated and time consuming for you to do these checks yourself.

If it’s getting too hard, why not leave it to us to sort out?  We can greatly improve your website’s performance to get you back on track so you can benefit from all of the amazing opportunities effective Internet Marketing promises!  More…

Multiple high rankings +
good conversion rate =
High traffic to a site

To have one without the other means low traffic.

The greatest percentage of traffic to a business website normally comes from Search Engines.  This makes it vital that you check your listings for position number and incorrect wording.

Choosing Keywords and Target Market Identification

To get a better understanding of the keywords to use for your business, we suggest you read the next page on Target Market Identification.  It’s extremely important that you understand your Target Market and narrow it down to a realistic search field to be appropriately listed on SERPs, because this will maximise your marketing opportunities.   More…

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