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Before the Internet, business owners were more reliant on marketing methods that required a regular and often heavy financial commitment to retain their exposure in the marketplace.

The Internet offers alternatives that can be much less financially demanding!

Marketing 24/7

How did we survive before the Internet? Marketing a business is so much easier now!  An effective website markets you 24/7 and consumers love the convenience!

Paying an Internet Marketing specialist to build an efficient website is very cost effective, because it provides you with FREE ongoing marketing for many years!

However there are other strategies available to ensure your business retains a guaranteed top position, for example paying your Web Master a monthly fee for ongoing support, or using Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which is Internet Advertising (Google ads).

For the majority of businesses though, Internet Marketing can work successfully without having to rely on these strategies.

What did we do before the Internet?

Before the Internet everyone had to work harder to find information!

Now people immediately think of using the Internet when they need to search for information of all kinds.  For that reason, Internet Marketing is fast taking over from more traditional forms of marketing.

Unlimited potential

Consumers have welcomed this change because it makes life much easier for them!  Business owners have also embraced it because they recognise it’s amazing potential!

Phone books, brochures and catalogues

The Internet has had a huge impact on these marketing methods, because a good website is much more efficient, and gives consumers immediate access to a full range of information.

Benefits of the Internet as compared to the Phone Book

  • Businesses benefit from dealing with well-informed consumers when they’re first contacted, because they’ve done their research on the Internet.
  • A website can show enormous detail and can be used as a visual aid by the business, when a person phones them wanting more information.
  • The Internet has Web Directories and electronic versions of Phone Books which display information and contact details for businesses, even when they don’t have a website of their own.
  • These directories help websites to perform better, however a well-built SEO website means a business is much less reliant on them to be found.

Benefits of the Internet as compared to the Printed Brochure and Catalogue

  • Your website can contain a full range of promotional information on your products and services.
  • It helps in promoting your business image and branding.
  • It gives the consumer a better idea of what to expect from you.
  • It can’t be lost, and can even be saved and frequently visited.

Not Getting Anywhere

Quick and easy

The Internet has a powerful advantage over other marketing methods because it has Search Engines, which allow you to find information easily.


Immediate access to information

The Web Page has become the Electronic Brochure of a business and allows you to immediately view all of the products displayed on their page!

Other forms of Marketing and Advertising with Internet Marketing comparisons

Other forms of Advertising

Internet Advertising

Phone book ads Paid ads on Search Engines (like Google Ads).
Television ads Videos listed by Video Websites (like You Tube). Viral Emails that have videos on them.
Newspapers Newspapers have also migrated to the Web. They now have their own websites that contain news, editorial and ads that return an income.
Static Advertising Signs Static ads on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and websites.
Moving Advertising Signs like LEDs blinking or scrolling, coloured flags; balloons; air blown waving and dancing “people”. Animated ads on websites.

Internet Marketing is a move in the right direction

The Internet is now critical to business success and an effective website is your most valuable resource in marketing your business online.

Internet Marketing is extremely successful, as long as websites have been set up by a professional Internet Marketer who uses SEO to maximise the benefits!

  • All too often, people put more emphasis on how a website looks instead of thinking about how it works.
  • Business owners need to be very careful when having their websites built.
  • Your website needs to be found by Search Engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.
  • This will only happen if your website is set up with Search Engine Optimisation and SEO Copywriting by a professional Internet Marketing Business.

When your website is balanced in both looks and performance, it will provide a multitude of benefits that increase your profits, and help to secure your business with a sustainable future.

Marketing Solution

The Internet is the perfect marketing solution in today’s technology driven world.  Many business owners have recognised the amazing potential of Internet Marketing, and now rely on it as their everyday marketing strategy.

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